Bela Lugosi Is Dead, and His Apartment Is for Rent

Guess what, Goths? Bela Lugosi’s former Los Angeles located at 1146 N Hudson Ave Unit 1146 is for rent! The one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment can be yours for just $2,995 a month.

The location of this loft is simply incredible. It’s in walking distance of Hollywood Blvd., Sunset & Vine, and plenty of bars and restaurants. Bela Lugosi had many different homes and apartments in the greater Los Angeles area. He didn’t die in this one, and it’s not the grandest, either. However, it is possible his spirit could still linger in the apartment due to the abundance of amenities that are within walking distance.

This is what the apartment looked like back when it was fit for a movie star.

bela lugosi
I presume those were his “seduction sandals.”


Now, it looks more like someone who works for a marketing agency lives there. That vivid blue is more fit for the “Children of the Fluorescent Light.”

bela lugosi living room
Listen to them. Children of the night. What paint colors they use.

There is nothing in this apartment that can’t be fixed with a coat of black paint, including that yellow wallpaper. It’s cute, but it doesn’t do justice to the memory of the apartment’s famous resident.

bela lugosi bedroom
Loft bed! Loft bed! Loft bed!


I don’t live in LA anymore, and there is not enough room for my house horse in this apartment. (That’s what I’ve decided to call my giant dog Waylon from now on because it’s more fitting.)

Despite these obvious drawbacks, the insane price, and the fact that you probably can’t park anywhere near it, I still wish I had this apartment.

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